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Heya, this is my website! It's still under construction, but I'll hopefully get around to it at some point ;P

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2023-12-28: Woah hey I actually did get around to making a pretty big update to this site today: It's got a custom domain now! (which means I'm paying for this site and therefore will probably play with it more frequently ;P)
Oh also I made a button that you can use if you wanna link back to this website for whatever reason, just copy the textarea below:

2023-12-27: What's up everyone, it's me again! Trying to do some website stuff. We have an About Me section now! It's not much but I'm having fun creating funny little web pages that probably look really bad on any computer that isn't the one I make this on. (also it's very anachronistic for the style)

2023-10-04: Oh hey I did some work on this after like a year. Cool!
Hoping to do some more but all my projects (largely programming) are very spontaneous and almost never get finished. So we'll see!
(but I am doing more web stuff recently so it might happen~)

About Me

Hazel Nova


Hiya! I'm Hazel, and this is my personal website!

I like to do programming and reading, usually involving queerness in one way or another. And of course I have a cool brain so very little of my creations ever get seen by the public.